Test Results

Getting your test results

The GP will contact you routinely if there are any problems with your test results.

You can also view all of your results using the Airmid App. This is also a great way for you to share your results with specialist teams in different hospitals or clinics.

If you do need to contact us about results, the best time is in the afternoon between 16.00 – 17.00.

If the test was organised by the hospital, please ask them how you will find out the result.

The receptionists are not trained to interpret results but will pass on information authorised by the doctor. Please be aware this may involve requests for further discussion on the phone or at an appointment.

Blood, Urine and Stool Tests

The courier comes once daily at 11:00am and take samples to the laboratory at Salisbury District Hospital.

Most tests are processed and results returned to the practice in 2-3 working days.

Many blood tests are taken prior to an appointment with the doctor or nurse. There is no need to contact the surgery before the appointment, they will discuss the results with you then.

If do not have an appointment booked for after your test please contact the surgery to get the result. The best time to do this is between 16:00 and 17:00.

If you are having a Fasting Blood Test please only water or drinks without milk or sugar for 12 hours before the test (NO FOOD). Having a glass or two of water in the morning can help to ‘fill’ the veins.

X Rays and Ultrasound Scans

X Rays are done at Westminster Memorial Hospital in Shaftesbury or at Salisbury Hospital. Your GP will make the request electronically and you will be sent an appointment time.

All ultrasound scans are done at Salisbury District Hospital (01722 336262). These requests are sent to the hospital by the surgery and you will be sent an appointment.

If you have not received an appointment two weeks after the request please contact Salisbury Hospital X Ray department.

The X Rays and scans are seen by a hospital specialist and a report is written. This can take up to two weeks to reach the surgery.

Other Investigations

Requests for more sophisticated investigations (CAT scans and MRI scans) are also sent to the hospital and an appointment sent to you by post. Your GP has restricted access to these.

We comply with good practice guidelines when requesting any investigations. If your request does not meet the guideline requirements we will discuss this with you and explain why we cannot make the request. These guidelines are drawn up using current evidence on the validity and usefulness of the investigation.

The results of tests arranged by the hospital go back to the specialist who arranged them. Please ask the hospital doctor how you will hear the result. If you have not heard as expected, ring the hospital and speak to the specialist’s secretary.

It is always best to check that we have received a result before making your appointment with the GP to discuss it so that you do not waste your time by coming too soon.

Questions about your results

If you want to talk to someone about your results, please contact the surgery.