Village Contacts

This is the starting list and may change as new volunteer groups emerge and personnel change.

We have 250 patients we do not dispense to who get their prescriptions from a community or on-line pharmacy. The majority live within a mile of the Tisbury Community Pharmacy. They are outside the scope of this SOP.

NB These contact details should ONLY be used for the purposes of running this delivery service.

Hindon, Berwick St Leonard, Fonthill Gifford, Fonthill Bishop, Greenwich, Newtown, West Tisbury and Hatch

Other useful contact:

Also Ethan and the team at the Grosvenor Arms have volunteered to assist those who are in need of help, in any way. They are fit strong and have wheels!

(This is over and above the group of volunteers delivering for the shop, and the group being managed by the surgery)

  • If you are in need of an errand please call 01747 820696
  • If you would like to join and help this group please also call 01747 820696

East Knoyle

The Green, East Knoyle

Fonthill Gifford

Donhead St Andrew

Donhead St Mary





More distant villages:

West Knoyle

Mere & West Knoyle





Sutton Mandeville

Sutton Row

Lower Chicksgrove

Upper Chicksgrove


Compton Chamberlayne

Berwick St John

Other useful contacts

Tisbury Neighbourhood Response team

The TNR team can be contacted on 01747 684010 or There’s a roster of people manning phones and arranging deliveries.

Wiltshire Council

The council wants to ensure that everybody can access the support they need. If you make contact with a group and they cannot help or you do not get a response within the required timeframe, then please do not hesitate to contact the council by emailing and we will ensure you get the support you need.

Below are other local contacts that may be useful for some patients.