National Blood Bottle Shortage

Unfortunately, due to a national shortage in blood test bottles, NHS England has advised GPs to temporarily stop all non-urgent blood testing, at least until the 17th of September, at which point the situation will be reviewed.

We have been asked to stop all testing of cholesterol and vitamin D levels and postpone the blood monitoring or lengthen the interval between tests for all other tests.

We cannot give an exact date for when testing will be able to restart but please be reassured that if your condition is urgent or your symptoms require it, we will be able to provide a test. Non-urgent blood tests will be temporarily delayed.  If you are already booked for a non-urgent blood test we will contact you individually if this test needs to be postponed.  We will have reviewed your notes and the reason for the test before we contact you so that it is safe to delay the test.

Many tests are just part of a review of your long term condition and all the other parts of this review (self-reporting of weight and home blood pressure readings, telephone or face to face review by nurse or GP, etc) will continue just the same although those where the review is very dependent on the blood test result (monitoring thyroid conditions) will be postponed as well as the blood test.

If your blood test has had to be postponed and your condition or symptoms change, or your illness gets worse, and there is no review booked please contact us to book this.

By postponing these non-urgent blood tests we will conserve our limited stock of blood bottles to use for urgent blood tests and to investigate new illnesses and we do not want any patient to not consult us if feeling unwell.

Thank you again for your patience with this enforced change.  Last year at the start of the pandemic we had to stop all non-urgent blood testing for several months and no harm resulted.  Thank you for your patience and understanding and we hope this situation will be resolved nationally very quickly.