Important News from Hindon Surgery for Chilmark and Ridge patients

Request and Collect

The new scheme for delivery of medication for patients registered with Hindon Surgery and who are exempt from payment charges

Building upon the very successful schemes used over recent months for medication delivery to our patients in the Hindon practice area – items were delivered to 67 individuals in Chilmark and Ridge alone – we shall develop a new system of local collection points. Whilst the Corona virus is likely to be present amongst us for the foreseeable future, it is extremely important to reduce footfall at the surgery. An important lesson learned so far from the COVID -19 pandemic is that attendance at medical facilities should be kept to a minimum. Patients are strongly encouraged to pick up medication closer to home. So:

  • You request the medication by phone, on line or by email as you usually do.
  • You collect the medication from a specified collection point.

Once requested, the medication is dispensed, and placed in a box at our practice and then taken to a local collection point by an assistant for patient pick up. Patients will be notified by our dispenser by text or email that the medication is ready for collection.

Patient confidentiality is maintained at all times as only our Practice and the patient will know the contents of the medication package. Assistants will have no knowledge of what is being distributed.

We should strongly encourage our patients to participate in the scheme as it helps us to deliver safe and effective medical care

Dr Patrick Craig-McFeely

Dr Sally Hayes

Stay Alert. Control the Virus. Save Lives

A Chilmark perspective:

We also should like to encourage participation in this Request and Collect scheme as it is clearly in all our interests in this community to reduce the risks to the Hindon Practice.

  • Every Thursday afternoon the medication box will be collected by a village assistant and taken to the Reading Room , the designated Chilmark and Ridge Collection Point, for requested items to be picked up by patients between 3.15 pm and 4.15 pm. All uncollected medicines will be returned to the Hindon practice.
  • Privacy will be maintained at all times as the assistants will not know the content of the package. Only the name and address are visible.
  • If the patient is unable to attend in person, collection by a friend or neighbour is acceptable providing there is written authority from the patient.

Finally, and importantly, we should also like to encourage this Hindon scheme as it will provide a beneficial reduction in car traffic in our villages and reduce fossil fuel usage.

Angus Menzies, Request and Collect Coordinator in Chilmark and Ridge

Morag Philpott, Parish Councillor