Hindon Surgery Flu Clinics 2020

We are delivering our annual ‘flu vaccination service differently this year.

Providing the ‘flu vaccination service safely and quickly with current infection control measures is impossible to do in the surgery. Every time a patient comes into the surgery building we need to clean the area afterwards and that often takes longer than the time spent in the building and with over a thousand patients to vaccinate that is a lot of time.

So if you live within walking distance of the children’s playground in Hindon, we are inviting you to book into our Walk-In Clinics.

If you would need to drive, then please book into our Drive In Clinics at Berwick Farm.

Please click on the links below for full details of these clinics:

Berwick Farm Drive-Thru Clinics

Hindon Village Walk-In Clinics

Hindon Surgery ‘Flu Programme 2020/2021