Covid-19 update: Infection control measures and vaccinations

Infection control measures as Covid-19 restrictions relax elsewhere have to continue at all medical facilities. We have been instructed by the NHS to continue to implement infection control measures to keep our patients and staff safe despite the more general relaxation of these in other settings. This means that in our small surgery (as in all Wiltshire practices) with very limited space we have to continue all the present measures until the end of the pandemic.

First contact will remain by telephone, email or web message but we will continue to see everyone face to face where this is needed clinically. We can only have three patients in the waiting room. If you are at increased risk from the consequences of catching Covid-19 (previously were ‘shielded’), have not had two vaccinations against Covid-19 or cannot wear a face covering we may ask you to wait outside the surgery or in your car and take you straight into the consulting room.

There have been local outbreaks in several schools that have affected our patients and we need to ensure that no patient becomes unwell with Covid-19 caught at a visit to the surgery. We would have loved to ease these restrictions but at present the risk to your health is too great. This is also why the majority of ‘flu vaccinations for all those aged 50 and over and younger people at increased risk or health and social care workers will be at drive-through and walk-through clinics at Berwick Farms and Hindon Church between Saturday 18th and Sunday 26th September (we will let you know when we can start booking into these).

Many of our patients, especially adults under 50, may not have had either or both of their Covid-19 vaccinations and we would encourage you to take up your invitations or if you have missed out to contact the national booking site or ring 119. Whilst less likely to be serious in your age group it can cause you to be very unwell and some young adults are still dying from Covid-19. It causes long-Covid in 10 – 20% of people even after a mild illness. Not only will vaccination help protect you but also make you less likely to pass on Covid-19 to someone who is more vulnerable who could not be vaccinated or where the immunity from vaccination is not fully protective.

Thank you for being so patient and please remain careful in other settings to reduce your risk of catching Covid-19 and all the other respiratory infections that are also increasing.