Test Results

Blood and Urine Tests

Your sample is sent by courier to the pathology laboratory at Salisbury District Hospital.

The courier comes once daily at 11.20 a.m.

Most tests are processed and the result returned to the practice (by computer link) within two to three working days.

Many blood tests are taken before seeing the doctor or nurse. They will discuss the result at your next appointment and there is no need to contact the surgery about the result before the appointment.

If you are not seeing the doctor or nurse after the test please contact the surgery to get the

The best times to do this are between 16:00 and 17:00 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Please try not to contact the surgery before 10.50 in the morning as the surgery is especially busy at these times dealing with requests for appointments.

Fasting Blood samples – only water or drinks without milk or sugar for 12 hours before the test (NO FOOD). Have a glass or two of water that morning to ‘fill’ the veins.

As soon as you have had the test press on the vein for a few minutes to help prevent a bruise.

This can still happen but is not serious. Your arm may swell at the site of the bruise  and feel a little stiff. The treatment is to apply more pressure if leaking any blood from the puncture wound and then cool with an ice pack for up to ten minutes. For the next few days recovery is helped by stretching out the arm and wiggling your fingers. Although the arm may feel uncomfortable and look discoloured this is temporary and there will be no long term consequences.

X Rays and Ultrasound Scans

Most X Rays are done at Westminster Memorial Hospital in Shaftesbury. Bookings are made though Salisbury Hospital.

Your GP will make the request electronically and give you details of the times that the Radiology department at Westminster Memorial Hospital is open. You do not need an appointment, just go to the hospital during opening times and you will be seen.

All ultrasound scans and some X Rays are done at Salisbury District Hospital (01722 336262). These requests are sent to the hospital by the surgery and you will be sent an appointment.

These requests are sent to the hospital by the surgery and you will be sent an appointment.

Requests for more sophisticated investigations (CAT Scans and MRI scans) are also sent to the hospital and an appointment sent to you by post. Your GP has restricted access to these.

We comply with good practice guidelines when requesting any investigations. If your request does not meet the guideline requirements we will discuss this with you and explain why we cannot make the request. These guidelines are drawn up using current evidence on the validity and usefulness of the investigation. Requests that do not comply with the guidelines.

If you have not received an appointment two weeks after the request please contact Salisbury Hospital X Ray department.

The X Rays and scans are seen by a hospital specialist and a report is written. This can take up to two weeks to reach the surgery (although the radiographer may tell you it will be with us in a few days).

The results of tests arranged by the hospital go back to the specialist who arranged them. Please ask the hospital doctor how you will hear the result. If you have not heard as expected, ring the hospital and speak to the specialist’s secretary.

It is always best to check that we have received a result before making your appointment with the GP to discuss it so that you do not waste your time by coming too soon.

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