Screening Services

The surgery offers all the national screening services and encourages our patients to accept invitations to participate.

There are a number of other screening tests offered by private providers outside these programmes. These will not have sufficient evidence to justify their adoption by the NHS and we will be unable to arrange these.

Aortic Aneurysm Screening

All 65 year old men will be invited for an ultrasound scan of their abdomen to measure the diameter of their aorta (the main artery from the heart to the body). In later life this can expand (and become an aneurysm) without giving symptoms, and if it gets very large can burst causing collapse with a high mortality. If the swelling is detected early preventative surgery can be offered.

Aortic aneurysms are much more common in men and this is why the screen is for men only. Risk factors for aneurysms are the same as for heart attacks (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and smoking) and a family history of an aneurysm.

Screening is offered soon after your 65th birthday although older men who have not been screened can request this by contacting the screening office at Salisbury Hospital (01722 336262 ext 2640).

Bowel Screening

National screening invites all patients aged between 60 to 74 to take a test every two years. Patients will be sent a test kit and instructions from the test centre. These are returned by post and the centre contact you directly with the result (with a copy to the GP). A small number of patients will need further investigation at Salisbury Hospital and this will be arranged by the screening centre. All queries should be made directly to them on 0800 707 6060 and not the surgery. We will write to patients who have not responded to a test and encourage them to apply for another one. Nationally the results have been very good with the early detection of many cancers that have been cured. Around 65% of our patients have accepted bowel screening (which is the highest uptake in Wiltshire). After age 74, patients may request a test by ringing the screening freephone number listed above.

Cervical Screening

This service is provided by Sister Sally Davies. You will be invited when the test is due (every three years between 25 and 50 and then every five years until aged 65). We cannot do the test outside these times and any slides sent will not be analysed by the laboratory. Wiltshire CCG will write to you with an invitation to book an appointment and information about the test, and the laboratory will write to you with the result and arrange any follow up of abnormal tests. We are informed of all results and are happy to discuss any abnormalities with you.

If you want a routine smear outside this programme this has to be arranged with a private service.

Chlamydia Screening

Test kits are available to pick up from reception for anyone aged 16 to 24 who wants a test. NHS Wiltshire will send an annual invitation to be tested and the surgery is one site for obtaining test kits, although most patients choose to have a kit sent through the post.


Mammograms are for women aged between 48 and 69 every three years by appointment (you will be sent a letter) in a visiting mobile unit. This is usually parked outside Wilton Health Centre in The Square, Wilton every three years and will be visiting next during the summer of 2016. If you are older than 69 and would like a screening mammogram you can have one when the mobile unit is visiting (contact no 02381 204959). We encourage all eligible women to have this test.