Clinics and Services

Blood Tests

Blood Tests are carried out by our Phlebotomist by appointment on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. Please ask if you need to fast before the test. If you do, then you should eat nothing after 22:00 the previous evening, and drink only water or black tea or coffee before the test.

The doctors do not take blood. In special circumstances the practice nurses will take blood but this reduces the time they spend on more complex care that only they can deliver.

Chronic Disease Clinics e.g. Ischaemic heart disease, asthma & high blood pressure.

Patients are seen during normal surgeries/nurse clinics to maximise accessibility. Most check ups are done six monthly and will be preceded by a blood test either annually or before every check up and an annual urine test.


The surgery works closely with the local memory clinic to diagnose dementia and monitor the treatment of patients with established, stable dementia, including providing prescriptions if needed. Patients with newly diagnosed dementia need to fill out a medical questionnaire for the DVLA. You can download a copy of the form online. We run occaisional dementia clinics at the surgery, consisting of an appointment with Dr Craig-McFeely following by a meeting with a representative from Alzheimers Support.

Diabetic Review Clinic

By appointment with Sister Sally Davies. All diabetic patients should be reviewed in the surgery (or hospital) once every six months.

Diabetes – Retinal Photography

For all diabetic patients. Takes place annually (usually in August) at the surgery. You will be contacted to make an appointment. You should attend this service even if you are having regular optician checks. Patients with an abnormality needing further assessment will be seen at Salisbury Hospital. The retinal photography service will make follow-up arrangements for you. Every year over 95% of our diabetic patients are tested.


Please book your ECG with a practice nurse. These can also be done for the emergency assessment of chest pain where the cause is uncertain.

Freezing Clinic

For the treatment of minor skin lesions. The clinic is run by appointment (at 5 minute intervals) on the second Thursday of the month between 15.30 and 16.30. For more information on Freezing, please see our page.

Hearing Aid Test

If you have a Salisbury Hospital hearing aid, the RNID test these free at a walk-in clinic at Mere Surgery 10.00-11.30 on the first Thursday of the month. Hearing aid batteries are available at Westminster Memorial Hospital in Shaftesbury.

Hearing Tests

If you are having problems with hearing, make an appointment with a nurse to have your ears checked. They can then advise you or request a referral from the doctor if necessary.

Joint Injections

Performed by Dr Craig-McFeely (who has trained for several years in a hospital rheumatology department). Please make a double appointment.

Minor Injuries

We have a fully equipped treatment room and can manage most minor injuries. If you suffer a minor injury during surgery hours please contact us first and discuss this with a nurse or doctor. It may be something we can manage in the surgery and will avoid a visit to the minor injury unit in Shaftesbury or Accident and Emergency in Salisbury.

Nursing Home Residents

We look after some residents at a local nursing home (Hays House) and a GP visits every week and works closely with the home to promote good care.

Pre- and Post-Operative Care

To save our patients having to travel long distances for tests before an operation (blood samples, urine and swabs, blood pressure, pulse and ECGs), we are happy to do these in the surgery. Please book with a nurse and / or Phlebotomist.

Our nurses can remove sutures and clips and dress post-operative wounds in our treatment room. If you have clips that need to be removed, please ensure your consultant gives you the correct tool to remove them, as we do not hold these in the surgery.

Test Results

Please contact the surgery for your results if a review appointment has not been arranged. The best time is in the late morning or in the afternoon between 16.00 – 17.00. If the test was organised by the hospital, please ask them how you will find out the result. The receptionists will pass on information authorised by the doctor. For more information visit our Test Results page.


Venesection of patients with too much blood (polycythaemia and haemachromatosis) is done by Dr Craig-McFeely by 30 minute appointment.

Vulnerable Patients

We work closely with the local community and social services to provide more joined up care for those of our patients with the greatest health and social care needs.

Zoladex and Prostap Injections

To treat prostate cancer are done by Dr Craig-McFeely in normal surgery (double appointment). You may need a blood test a week before the injection.