Flu Vaccines 2019

Flu season is almost upon us.

Flu is the most common of the winter illnesses and can be deadly, but there are effective vaccines to prevent or reduce the severity of the infection.

These are free to all patients over 65, and also to younger patients who are at increased risk due to diabetes, heart, kidney liver and neurological disease (strokes and MS), obesity or are pregnant. We also encourage all carers and workers in health and social care to protect themselves.

This year there is a vaccination for over 65s, a slightly different one for everyone else, plus the usual nasal drops for children. We vaccinate 2 and 3 year olds and all the others are done at school.

We have been running clinics over the last two weeks, but can still fit you in if you have yet to have yours. Please call us on 01747 820 222 to arrange a time.